Savvy Mineral Makeup by Young Living – What you Need to Know!


Savvy Minerals by Young Living has absolutely NO talc, bismuth, mineral oil, parabens, gluten, nano particles, pthlates, petrochemicals, synthetic fragrance, synthetic colorants and dyes. Also it is cruelty free!

-There is Beeswax in lipstick lip gloss and mascara soon to come. The rest of the line is vegan.

Powder is same as Melissa’s original formula. But the lipstick and lip gloss are new formulas.

For Contouring:

  • 2 bronzers and a veil…Use the three as a contour set.
  • Summer love bronzer on hollows of cheek. It’s a shadow line.
  • Crowned all over above that over cheek bones.
  • Can also be used as all over warmth as a bronzer. Same with summer love.

savvy mineral makeup veil by young living wahm businessDiamond dust is the veil. Forehead, chin, down the bridge of nose and under eyes. Put it where the sun hits. Veil sets everything. It’s like a highlighter. It’s a quick fix and refresher.

  • YL is working on many more colors.
  • Both lip glosses are high shine. Jojoba oil based! Very nourishing. Peppermint oil in lip gloss. No other products have oils.
  • The lipstick and eye shadow cannot be returned. Instead we will teach you to mix and blend them. Add a gloss. It changes the color! Same for shadows.

Apply blush at the very end.


Matte nude locks in base primers. Apply dry. Eye shadow goes over that primer. “Best kept secret” eye shadow pulls shimmer out. It mattes a shimmer.

  • Residual eye shadow — a white highlight. Corners and under eye brow.
  • Multi tasker brown can be used as eye liner, eye brows, eye shadow or cover gray hair. Can use it as a powder or mix with 50/50 water and witch hazel for liquid liner.
  • Use Seedling WIPES to remove makeup from hands and arms you’re sampling colors onto.
  • Mascara is coming and a lot more makeup consistently over the next two years.

savvy mineral makeup eyeshadow eyelinger young living mineral makeup healthy good for skin after cancer chemical free














• Summer Essential Brush Set will be shipping on the 22 and we expect them by the first week of July or mid-July at the latest.

• Multi-Tasker is at risk of going out of stock today. Should we have zero issues, we have more shipments coming early July.

• Most Eye Shadows (under 3000 units remaining)

•“Residual” is at risk of going out of stock today. Should we have zero issues, we have more shipments coming early July.

• Eyeliner is out of stock and more shipments coming soon.


  1. Click Here to purchase a Premium Starter Kit. You get 11 oils and a diffuser (plus other product samples!) and WHOLESALE PRICING ON ALL YL PRODUCTS FOR LIFE (INCLUDING MINERAL MAKEUP!).
  2. Set up your Essential Rewards monthly order immediately with the products you want. This order arrives automatically every month and you can change it based on the makeup or oils products you need. AND you will get a percentage back on what you spend for FREE STUFF in future quick orders!
  3. That’s it! You’re in! I will add you to our team Facebook page for training, encouragement, contests, and learning for your YL journey.

Questions? Comment below!


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